IBIT Permission Codes

If you need a permission number to register for the upcoming quarter, please complete the appropriate permission code request form at the bottom of this page. Please note that it may take a few days to process your request. Permission codes should be requested at least two weeks prior to the start of the quarter to ensure proper processing time.

STOP: Prior to requesting a permission code students should review common ctcLink errors they may experience when trying to register. Permission codes will not work for any of the situations listed below:

1. If a box pops up asking you for a permission code chances are you may not actually need one. First try ignoring it and click “save”. More often than not this works for students. Bottom line: The system will always ask for a permission code even if students don’t need one.

Permission code error sample

2. If the quarter you are trying to register for is not an option you will need to fill out the Term Quarter Activation Request Form. This might be because:

  • You last took a class at Bellevue College more than four quarters ago or
  • You applied for an earlier quarter but did not enroll until the next quarter or
  • You now want to enroll for an earlier quarter than what you indicated on your admission application
Term Activation Quarter Request Form Sample

3. Students should check and make sure there are no holds on their account blocking them from registering (i.e. late fees, vaccine attestation, etc.)

Holds on account ctcLink example

Permission Code Request Forms

STOP: Review registration deadlines on the Academic Calendar in order to select the appropriate permission code request form below.

Open Registration

Students who are attempting to get into a class may be required to obtain instructor permission or upload unofficial transcripts to verify prerequisites of transfer courses.

NOTE: Students should use the course catalog to check individual course prerequisite requirements to make sure they are eligible to register. Unless approved by a program manager, students who have completed the general education prerequisites elsewhere should not fill out a permission code request form and instead follow the steps to clear/verify prerequisite requirements.

Request Permission Code

Late Registration

Students who are attempting to get into a class past the registration deadline will need to get permission from the instructor.

Request late registration

Students who are attempting to register after “instructor permission enrollment ends” will need to get permission from the dean.

Request dean permission

Last Updated August 22, 2022