Network Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM)

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Academic Planning

The Network Services & Computing Systems transfer degree has courses designed for both those seeking immediate employment as well as those preparing for the third year of a four-year program. So whether you want to go to work now or go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree, we’ve got you covered.

Immediate Employment: Prepares graduates to pursue work in the information technology field in positions such as technical support, help desk, network administrative assistant and entry-level network administrator.

Transfer Options: The minimum of 20 credits of transferable general education courses is drawn from the same list as those taken by students completing the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degrees and can also apply directly to the BC Information Systems and Technology Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree.

The 2021-22 catalog information provides degree requirements for new students and include the core technical and general education courses.

Catalog Information:  Network Services and Computing Systems, AAS-T 2021-22

Worksheet: Download the 2021-22 Network Services and Computing Systems (NSCOM) worksheet to map out your coursework

The 2020-21 catalog information and worksheet provides degree requirements for students who started in the previous school year, including the core technical and general education courses.

Catalog Information:  Network Services and Computing Systems, AAS-T 2020-21

Worksheet: Download the 2020-21 Network Services and Computing Systems (NSCOM) worksheet to map out your coursework

Important Notes

Program Changes

  • Removal of NSCOM tracks (Network Administration, Operating System Administration, Cloud Architecture and Services) and creating one streamlined offering
  • Prefix/Course Number Changes
    • IT 115/117 = TECH 215/217
    • IT 223 = TECH 223
    • IT 293 = TECH 293
    • IT 294 = TECH 294
  • Bachelor’s Program Prerequisite Changes
    • 2021-22 BAS admission require NSCOM 203 and PROG 108 (replacing IT 115/117)
    • 2022-23 BAS admission require NSCOM 231, NSCOM 235/240 (replacing NSCOM 221, 223, 227)

Example Course Schedule

Full-Time Course Schedule
Year 3FallWinterSpring
IT 115/117 PC Analysis & Configuration I/IINSCOM 201 Cisco Networking INSCOM 202 Cisco Networking II
ENGL& 101 English Composition IMATH& 138 College Algebra for Bus. & Social Sci.BUS&101 Introduction to Business
ENGL& 235 Technical WritingPROG 108 Introduction to Scripting
Year 4FallWinterSpring
NSCOM 203 Cisco Networking IIINSCOM 231 Intro to Cloud Arch. and ServicesNSCOM 235/240 Cloud Infrastructure/Services
PHYS 109 Science for ITIT 128 Information Security Essentials CMST 250 Communication in a Diverse Workplace
IT 223 Using & Supporting LinuxIT 293 Technical Support Internship I

Schedule is subject to change – admitted students will work with program manager to get a customized education plan.

What is NSCOM?

Bellevue College’s Network Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM) Associate in Applied Science – Transfer degree addresses how to connect computers and other resources in a network, perform network maintenance tasks, and install and configure hardware and software. In addition to technical content, the degree includes skills in communication (oral, written, and listening), general business, teamwork, and problem solving.

Thinking About Getting Started?

The Network Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM) Associate in Applied Science- Transfer degree prepares graduates for entry-level technical support/network administrator positions and for continuation to a Baccalaureate institution. This program includes study in the following certification areas: Comp TIA A+, Comp TIA Net+, Comp TIA Linux+, Comp TIA Security+, Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA), and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

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Get your Bachelor’s Degree here at BC!

After completing your AAS-T degree, continue on to complete your BAS in Information Systems and Technology (IST).

BAS Degree Requirements (Cybersecurity) 

The Network Services and Computing Systems, AAS-T also prepares you for admission into our Information Systems & Technology BAS, Cybersecurity Concentration. Start preparing now by reviewing the core technical, general education, and specific concentration degree requirements.

Where can I learn more?

For more information on degree requirements, course offerings and application deadlines visit the BAS Information Systems and Technology Website.

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You can also schedule an academic advising appointment with the program manager via zoom or phone at anytime.

Dena Laney

Alysa Kelsey
Program Manager, BAS Information Systems & Technology

Dena Laney
Information Systems & Technology Program Chair

About Us

The AAS-T in Network Services and Computing Systems (NSCOM) is a part of Bellevue College’s Institute for Business and Information Technology department. Our goal is to provide students with meaningful preparation to meet the challenges of a global environment in world of IT. For general information about the degree, use the form at the top of this page. For specific questions or to set up an appointment you can contact the Program Manager for this degree: Alysa Kelsey.

AAS-T NSCOM Systems Faculty and Staff

Alysa Kelsey – Program Manager

Alysa Kelsey

Phone: (425) 564-3340
Office Location: A254

Alysa Kelsey joined Bellevue College as Program Manager for the AA/BAS Information Technology Degrees in March 2019. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and has a diverse background in management, coaching, and education. Alysa is excited to help iBIT students pursue their academic goals and achieve their full potential here at BC. In her spare time, Alysa enjoys fitness, wine tasting, backpacking, exploring, and chasing epic views. Although originally from the PNW, she still welcomes any recommendations on your favorite “epic” hike with a view or Woodinville winery!

Thomas Lee – Program Chair

Tom Lee Picture

Phone: (425) 564-2504
Office Location: A255B

Tom is one of the Lead Tenured Faculty within the Networking Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM) and Information Systems & Technology (IST) Programs at Bellevue College. He is alumni of the NSCOM Program and he received his BS in Technology from Eastern Washington University (EWU). Tom is certified in several areas of CompTia, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, EMC, VMware as either a technician or a technical trainer. He is a practitioner of his crafts as he is a part-time Engineer with a large enterprise and a continuous consultant/contractor with several local, state and national agencies. At this time, he has over 16 years of direct IT experience, and growing. In his “not so much spare time” Tom goes back to his roots. He has been blowing glass for the last 20 years and he enjoys rebuilding neglected chainsaws from the early 1900’s.

Diane Walser

Diane Walser

Office Location: 

Diane has taught college level IT courses since 2009 and joined Bellevue College in Fall of 2020. Prior to full time teaching, she worked as a systems and network administrator in municipal government and a health agency. She is passionate about teaching and helping students discover technology and develop successful careers that provide job satisfaction and contribute the betterment of society. Diane has an ATA in Network Administration from Everett Community College and a BA in French from the University of Washington, and also holds several industry certifications including CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, and Cisco CCNA.

Evan Drake

Evan Drake

Office Location: A254

Evan is a full-time faculty member within the Networking Services & Computing Systems (NSCOM) program and enjoys helping students learn about modern technology. He completed his academic degrees in two disciplines, information technology and management, and is currently certified in a variety of industry certifications related to topics he is passionate about and/or teaches. Evan likes to combine his industry experience with education and enjoys teaching classes with topics ranging from securing on prem systems and network management, to optimizing resources using the cloud. In his “free time”, Evan enjoys working on projects (both technical and non-technical in nature), exploring the outdoors, and expanding his own understanding on various topics of interest.

Sara Perrott

Not Available

Office Location: A254

Sterling Hiebert

Not Available

Office Location: A254

Tanuja Joshi

Tanuja Joshi

Office Location: A254

Dr. Tanuja Joshi has been teaching at Bellevue College since January 2018. She has over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, primarily at Microsoft Corporation, in their product groups as well as at their research division. Dr. Joshi received her doctorate in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where her research field was Computer Vision. She did her master’s in Computer Engineering at Syracuse University after receiving her bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India. Dr. Joshi has several publications and US patents to her credit.

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