Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

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Program Requirements 2018-19

Catalog Information: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, AAS-T 2018-19
The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (ROBAI) worksheet provides degree requirements for students who started in 2018-19 school year, including the core technical, general education, and specific track courses.

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After completing your AAS-T degree, continue on to complete your BAS in Information Systems and Technology (IST).

BAS Degree Requirements (Application Development) 

The Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, AAS-T prepares you for admission into our Information Systems & Technology BAS, Application Development. Start preparing now by reviewing the core technical, general education, and specific concentration degree requirements.

About RobAI

Bellevue College’s IBIT division is excited to offer a new program— an Associates of Applied Science/Transfer degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This is the first such degree offered in robotics and artificial intelligence at the community and technical college-level in Washington state. Coursework focuses on the software development side. The program of study will develop student’s technical knowledge and skills in areas like statistics, machine learning, python programming, 3D printing, AI language and speech technology.

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The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RobAi) Associate in Applied Science – Transfer degree has students taking specific ROBAI courses such as “Intro to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” and “Programming for Machine Learning” while also taking general education courses. The degree prepares graduates for entry-level python developer/software developer positions and for continuation to a Baccalaureate institution.

425 Business: Teaching to Automate

BC Today: New Associate Degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Program Overview

Career Opportunities

This course of study prepares students for careers such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence Software Developer
  • Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Control Systems Programmer
  • Data Visualization Specialist
  • Intelligent Systems Specialist
  • Junior Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Python Developer
  • Application Developer

Overview of Courses

Typical courses may include:

  • Additive Design and Manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Computer Vision in Control Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Introduction to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Object Oriented Programming (Python)
  • Programming for Machine Learning (Python)
  • Systems Analysis & Design

Program Requirements 2019-20

Catalog Information: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, AAS-T
Download the 2019-20 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (ROBAI) worksheet to view degree requirements including the core technical, general education, and robotics and AI courses.

Note: If you need to know the program’s CIP code for financial aid purposes it is: 15.0405.

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Alysa Kelsey Program Manager for Information Technology

Academic Planning

The AAS-T degree in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence is a part of Bellevue College’s Institute for Business and Information Technology department. Our goal is to provide students with meaningful preparation to meet the challenges of a global environment in world of IT. For more information about the degree, fill out the contact form above or email the Program Manager Alysa Kelsey to set up an appointment.

Check back in for the suggested quarterly/yearly schedule for RobAI.

View the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence AAS-T (2018-19) Flowchart to determine prerequisite requirements for specific courses.

Important Note: To fulfill course requirements for PROG 110, PROG 120 & PROG 260 RobAI students should register for sections using PYTHON (not C#).

Last Updated January 21, 2020