Spring Quarter 2014 Courses


Alone Together: Identity and Writing in the Age of Social Media – 10 creditsAlone Together3 In the age of social networking, are we more than the sum of our “Likes” and status updates? What part of our identity, individual and collective, is digital? Wrestle with whether life on the screen, –and by extension, popular culture–shapes society, or if society defines popular culture by studying literature, television, music, film, and more.  Themes include social construction, development of self in community, advertising, media studies, social problems, and the conscious creation of identity.  Earn 10 credits from SOC& 101 or SOC& 210 and CES 200, ENGL& 101, ENGL 271 or  ENGL 272 or ENGL& 111

Item # 0605
Instructors: Katherine Trelstad  /  Kimberly Pollock
Class meets: daily, 9:30 am to 11:20 am |
Rooms R110 A, R110 B

INTER 135 HYA – How to survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – 10 credits

Is the consumerist conception of the good life really worthy of us as human beings? It’s increasingly clear to many that the lifestyle we know is neither just nor sustainable. In this course we will investigate the possibilities for leading lives that are both more sustainable and more fulfilling.  Earn 10 credits from ENGL& 101, ENGL 201, ENGL 271 ENGL 272 or ENGL 226 and PHIL 102 or PHIL 112

Item# 0610 Instructors: Elizabeth Harazim  / William Payne Class meets: MTWTH, 11:30 am to 1:20 pm, Room R110 A & B





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