Murder and Madness | INTER 108

Violence and psychopathology have always existed in human culture. The ways in which they manifest and how they are explained have changed significantly over time, yet their presence remains, ever lurking. Given this, we cannot help but be intrigued by murder and what many have called ¿madness.¿ The two show up in literature, documentaries, pop culture, and the daily news. But questions remain. Is a propensity for murder innate? What do we mean when we use the term “madness” and is it unavoidable in society? This course will examine murder and madness through the lens of Criminal Justice and Psychology. It will provide students with insight into how ¿madness¿ develops, through the lens of Abnormal Psychology. It will look at how murder is explained and investigated in the field of Criminal Justice. Students will also examine murder cases and the offenders who commit them. This course will provide a venue to explore the unique intersection between Psychology and Criminal Justice, giving students insight into how mental health issues influence investigative and prosecutorial efforts in the criminal justice system.

Last Updated May 24, 2023