The Wire: Life On The Streets and War On Drugs | INTER 155

HBO’s The Wire’s shady lawyers in court versus honorable and intellectual drug dealers. Corrupt cops seeking Compstat numbers versus corner boys following a strict code of the street. This class will examine the nature of community perception of local policing activities and behaviors of those living in inner-city of West Baltimore during the 1990’s. We will uncover the development and operation of urban drug gangs along with poverty, education and a glimpse into the unique environment of cops and dealers.

Students will be required to add the following to their cart: SOC 105 (5 cr), section IDP, class number 32252 AND CJ& 112 (5 cr), section IDP, class number 7451 OR [NOT BOTH] CJ 253 (5 cr), section IDP, class number 38297 At the end of registration screen, select both classes when checking out.

Last Updated February 14, 2022