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Michael Meyer Picture

Michael Meyer

English Instructor


Michael Meyer believes that teaching is a revolutionary act. The seeds of unrest he plants in the classroom revolve around the themes of community, consumerism, sustainability and animal rights. The roots of his current social, educational and personal interests are in small-town Iowa. He grew up a stone’s throw from IBP, one of the largest beef processing plants in the world and watched corporations take over while local farms failed.  Michael’s social consciousness was shaped by the Franciscan traditions of “service, caring and openness to all” at Briar Cliff College, where he received his two undergraduate degrees in Sociology and English. He earned his MA in English at Marquette University, where the Jesuits taught that education is genuinely transformational and that students should not simply become better educated, but become better people as a result of their education.

He eats locally and organically, experiences a shift in consciousness when he digs in his garden. He chats with strangers, loves his wife, appreciates a finely brewed micro beer, and understands the importance of nurturing friendships.

Michael Meyer