Azura Tyabji Picture

Azura Tyabji

Poet, Organizer, Educator, National Youth Poety Laureate Ambassador


“Azura Mizan Tyabji is a poet, organizer, and educator. She writes from the perspective of a young queer woman of Black and Indian descent living in Seattle, Washington, and currently serves as her city’s Youth Poet Laureate (YPL)l What motivates every aspect of her artistic practice is a love for community, justice, and healing. Poetry inspires movement for radical change, and Azura strives to lend her voice to that legacy by commanding attention to injustice and invoking a future without it.

Recently nominated as one of the top 5 YPLs in the country, Azura is the National Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador of the West Region and will be competing for the title of National YPL in April 2019. Right now, you can find her at Youth Speaks Seattle woking as their Teen Leadership Coordinator, giving all the love and snacks needed to foster the next generation of young poets just as Youth Speaks did for her. Look out for her debut poetry collection to be published in May 2019 by Poetry Northwest.