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Daniel Rasmus

Author, Poet, Teaching Faculty


Daniel W. Rasmus, a 2005 Pushcart nominee, is the author of Sketches of Spain and Other Poems, Management by Design, Listening to the Future and Rethinking Smart Objects, and How to Escape and Alien. Rasmus was the architect of Cyberlife! and a contributor to Understanding Artificial Intelligence. His poems have appeared in Indiana Review, Barrow Street, Roux Magazine, The Comstock Review, ecopoetics, Illya’s Honey, Pearl, California Quarterly, The Lucid Stone, Negative Capability, Slipstream, Red River Review, Avocet, Goblets, Belletrist and Bitterroot. Daniel was a 2005 finalist in the Dallas Poets Community annual contest and recognized for special merit in the 2005 The Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award. He was the founding editor of the Oakes Literary Review at U.C. Santa Cruz. He has published over 250 articles in leading technical and trade journals, including: AI Expert, Byte, HBR, Intelligent Enterprise, MACazine, MacGuide, MacTech Quarterly, MacToday, MacUser, MacWeek, MacWorld, Manufacturing Systems, Mondo 2000, Object Magazine, PC AI, PC Magazine, Pen Computing, The Office, UNIX Review, Wired and Workstation News. Daniel is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Serious Insights, and a faculty member at Bellevue College where he teaches Social Media and Personal Branding for Job Hunters.