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Public Art


Gretchen Burger and Sandy Cioffi make up fearles360º – a creative agency working at the intersections of public art, public benefit R+D, old and new technologies, education, and community experience and engagement design.  fearless360º are the founders and producers of SIFFXTWIST360ºNFFTYX and Creative Exchange Lab,  a public research, education and exhibition initiative facilitating investment in the intersection of public art+public interest technology with open-source, collectively-owned research.  Learn more at www.fearless360.com

fearless360º will be showcasing a prototype of StoryBrick, a project that physically places stories in a community while connecting those stories to decentralized mesh networks and real-time data about that community that’s owned by the community. StoryBrick infuses new technology with community capacity, wisdom and needs to create cultural and economic value for community stories memories, archives, and data.