Admitted Students

Welcome to Bellevue College (BC) and the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program in Radiation and Imaging Sciences!

This program is the only one of its kind in the state and among only a few in the nation. The BAS is a career-oriented bachelor degree program developed specifically to meet the career advancement needs of practicing professionals like you. Please review the following information before registering for your classes in the program.

Register for Classes

When you are ready to register for your quarterly classes, register online through the college website.

Student Handbook

BAS Student Handbook 2015-16

This handbook provides information you will need on the policies, curriculum and expectations of the BAS program. It is the responsibility of each student to study this handbook and to know its contents. Please read it carefully.

Note: Documents are provided in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have the free Adobe Reader (or another .pdf reader) installed on your computer, you may download it at

How to Forward Your BC Email to Another Email Address

The college will be sending some important messages to your email address.  If you don’t want to have to check it regularly, you can forward those emails to an address that you use more frequently.  For simple instructions, go to

Credit for Professional Certification or Training

Form–Credit for Professional Certification For State-Funded Courses