Next Steps

Congratulations on your admittance to the Radiation and Imaging Science program at Bellevue College! Now that you have been accepted, please complete the following next steps!

1. Read the Radiation and Imaging Sciences student handbook.

The RAIS handbook provides information you will need on the policies, curriculum and expectations of the BAS program. It is the responsibility of each student to study this handbook and to know its contents. Please read it carefully. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read the handbook when you confirm your acceptance.

2. Complete the acceptance form

After carefully reviewing the RAIS student handbook, confirm your seat in the the program using the acceptance form and the code provided in your acceptance letter.

3. “Meet” with your Program Manager

Your Program Manager will be your contact throughout program. They will provide you with an Education Plan at the start of your program and assist you each quarter with course registration and any other questions you might have regarding the program! Please set up a time to meet with your Program Manager within the first few weeks of confirming your admission to discuss your program goals, modality interests and education plan. Meetings can occur in person, over the phone or through video chat when available.

4. Register for classes

Once you have “met” with your Program Manager and confirmed your acceptance, you are ready to register for your quarterly classes! Register online through the college website right away to avoid being on a waitlist. Some of our courses are in high demand–meaning there are more students who want to enroll than we have seats– so be sure to register for your classes as soon as possible.

5. Begin class!

Put the quarter starts date on your calendar! Be sure to log on to your online courses and attend any on campus classes you might have on the first day! If you have any troubles, reach out to your Program Manager right away! If they are unable to help, they will be able to point to right correct office and resources.

Last Updated November 10, 2017