Management & Technology Concentrations


Bellevue College (BC) consulted with radiation and imaging professionals and accrediting societies to develop the professionally relevant curriculum for these two concentrations. The curriculum incorporates discipline-based, general education, and elective courses built on progressive rigor and sophistication. The program receives ongoing review and guidance from its industry advisory committee to maintain currency.

The 180-credit management and technology concentrations are comprised of 65 credits earned through achievement of national certification in the student’s professional field; 25 credits for demonstrated satisfactory completion of specific general education requirements; and 90 credits earned through the general program and concentration requirements.

Required core courses provide the technical knowledge and foundational skills critical to your success as a manager or advanced technologist. Courses provide understanding of business concepts, legal issues unique to the radiation and imaging industry, organizational theory, leadership and management, as well as content that develops skills in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, and cultural sensitivity. Students can also choose from a variety of electives that will help develop advanced technical skills that best match their career goals.

Radiation and Imaging Technology (RAIT) Concentration

The Radiation and Imaging Technology (RAIT) concentration is designed for students seeking advanced technical/clinical expertise leading to additional certification.

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Radiation and Imaging Management (RAIM) Concentration

The Radiation and Imagining Management (RAIM) concentration is designed for students who wish to lead radiation and imaging departments and clinics.

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Beginning Fall 2016, the BAS in Radiation and Imaging Sciences – Management concentration (RAIM) is transitioning to the new BAS degree in Healthcare Management & Leadership! Visit the Advising section for more details at: