Vascular Interventional Program, Certificate of Accomplishment

The certificate in Vascular Interventional (VI) Radiography formally prepares the Imaging Technologist registered or certified in Radiologic Technology to work in a VIR Imaging lab. The didactic courses are designed to prepare the student to sit for the post-primary advanced certification exam administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The clinical practicum provides the student with the opportunity develop required competencies although additional work experience may be required to complete the number of competencies required by the ARRT to be eligible for the advanced certification exam. Enrollment in the clinical practicum is not guaranteed and dependent upon grades, site availability, and approval. A selective application process is utilized to align eligible students with the appropriate clinical site. View the Degree Worksheet for the Vascular Interventional certificate…

Fall Start Course Schedule

Course #Course NameCredit HoursQuarter
RAIT 301
Sectional Anatomy5Fall
RAIT 302Body Pathophysiology5Fall
RAIT 310, RAIT 315,  
RAIT 320, OR RAIT 360
Instrumentation & Procedures course for studied modality3Winter
RAIT 401 Advanced Sectional Anatomy2Winter
RAIT 303Neuro Pathophysiology5Spring
RAIT 311, RAIT 316,  
RAIT 321, OR RAIT 361
Clinical Practicum for studied modality12Varies

Gainful Employment

Federal regulations require academic institutions to disclose to prospective students certain information about the institution’s Gainful Employment (GE) Programs, and about students who enrolled in those programs eligible for Title IV funding that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. For information about the this program, please visit the public disclosure website.

Last Updated December 11, 2017