CCSSE Data Now Available

Interactive Student Engagement Data Now Available

The Effectiveness and Strategic Planning office has compiled the results from several administrations of the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)  and is making them available to the broader college community through our website. If you go to the data page of the ESP website you will find links to the data dashboards and to a video tutorial explaining the data. One dashboard shows results from all three years of the survey and allows users to compare answers by demographic groups. The second dashboard shows trends over time.

There are interesting results to be found in the data. For example, the data show that students of color feel that their experience at BC has contributed to their personal development in different ways than other students..

This graphic shows a two by six matrix of stacked bar charts. Each row shows data for a different question. The left column shows data for all students. The right column shows data for students of color. All the questions relate to how a students experiences at the college have contributed to their personal development. The general interpretation is that contributions to personal development have been different for students of color and white students.














The bar charts on the left show results for all students while the bar charts on the right show the results for students of color. We can see that 59% of students of color feel that their experience at BC has contributed “very much” or “quite a bit” to their understanding of themselves as compared to 52% among all students. Similarly, 56% of students of color feel that their experiences at BC have contributed “very much” or “quite a bit” to their understanding of people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds as compared to 48% of all students.

You have the opportunity to filter the data to find out more information. For example, if you go to the data on the ESP webpage, you can reset the filters on the right, select “white, non-Hispanic” and see that 42% of white, non-Hispanic students feel that their experiences at BC have contributed to their understanding of people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds. There are dozens of questions in the CCSSE survey and you can look at many of them in these dashboards.[1]

The second dashboard looks at change over time on questions in the CCSSE survey.

This graphic shows five stacked bar charts. The charts show the change in student responses over time to questions about their interactions with instructors. The charts generally show increased interaction over time.














The generally downward sloping lines at the bottom of each color band indicate that students are interacting more frequently with their instructors as time passes. With this year’s survey we can see if the trend continues.

More About CCSSE


In winter quarter Bellevue College (BC) will field the Community College Survey of Student Engagement. Bellevue College has administered the CCSSE every three years since 2008.

CCSSE is administered by the  Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin. If you want to know more about the survey, you can visit the CCSSE website which includes a great deal of helpful information including the survey instrumentnational results, and other information.

[1] The CCSSE is a long survey and in the interests of not overwhelming the user the ESP team selected the variables we thought people would be most interested in looking at. However, if you see something on the survey instrument that you are interested in and which is not on the dashboard let us know and we will work on getting those questions included.






Last Updated November 21, 2016