Grants Office

The Bellevue College Grants Office coordinates grant development efforts to advance the mission and strategic direction of the college. It offers support to all college departments and personnel seeking grant opportunities. All grant concepts and applications are vetted to ensure alignment with college strategic priorities, prevent duplication of efforts and maximize success. The Grants Office is a college wide department under the BC Provost’s Office. It is also aligned with BC’s Office of Effectiveness and Research.

Faculty & Staff Grant Concepts & Opportunities
All grant concepts or potential opportunities must be supported by a Case Statement, which is presented to the Grant Pre-approval Committee. Curious about the steps needed to get there? Click here for a Grant Pre-Approval flowchart. Faculty and staff looking to participate in current or ongoing grant applications can check the Grants Calendar to learn about what grant opportunities are coming up or have already passed.

Please use the Case Statement Form to guide development of your Case Statement.

More details here on the Grants Preapproval Process Steps.

Contact Director of Grant Development Brandon Lueken at for more information.

Grant Manual

For those who have already obtained a grant, and need assistance, please refer to the Grant Manual.

Student scholarships
The Grants Office does not handle grants for students. Students seeking financial aid, including grants and scholarships for tuition should visit the college’s financial aid webpage

Regular grantors to the college include:

  • U.S. National Science Foundation
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • NASA
  • The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
  • WA State Library
  • City of Bellevue
  • 4Culture
  • RealNetworks Foundation
  • US Bank
  • Tateuchi Foundation
  • and many others

Last Updated October 18, 2021