3rd Year Studio Advisory

This message is intended for current BAA Interior Design students

Effective Summer 2017, BAA students are restricted to enrolling in only one third-year BAA studio (380, 381 or 382) per quarter.

Interior design studios are the core learning experiences in our curriculum, and require the highest commitment from both students and faculty. Each studio should result in a portfolio of your best work, and even better work in the studio that follows. But it’s not just about your portfolio. Studios are where the principles of collaborative teamwork, ethical conduct, and individual accountability essential to the profession are honed and practiced.

Third-year studios, in particular, are a preparatory pathway toward student success in Capstone studio and professional practice. Each third-year studio improves your ability to apply knowledge, practice skills, refine your process, focus on a specialized area, and adapt to a variety of creative methods and professional perspectives. Two studios in one quarter imposes unreasonable demands, making it nearly impossible to practice and prepare, to develop your creative ability, to reveal your full potential.

Please contact our Program Chair or Manager with any questions or concerns you have regarding this.


Dan Beert,

Chair, Interior Design

Last Updated October 6, 2021