Transfer Agreements

Bellevue College has transfer agreements with 16 U.S. universities listed below. At the time of application, students can request a conditional admissions letter for one school from the list. Please join us as we continue to add to this page once a month with a new university!

Arizona State University

Established in 1885, Arizona State University (ASU) is a TOP 50 public national university with six campuses throughout Arizona. ASU offers 350+ undergraduate programs and majors, including 79 programs ranking in the TOP 25 in the USA. With 120,000 students enrolled, ASU is a diverse, international and innovative community.

  • Top ranking school. Rated TOP103 national university in the USA. News 2021; 30 programs rank TOP 10 in the USA; No. 1 university for innovation in the USA for the last six years. Global reputation in employment market.
  • Various educational disciplines for international students. 350+ undergraduate programs and majors plus 450+ graduate degree programs and certificates meet the different academic goals of international students.
  • Plenty of research opportunities. One of the fastest-growing research enterprises in the USA with an estimated $660 million total research expenditures in FY20.
  • Diversified international student population. 9,000 international students from 136 countries with open, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. ASU is considered a top 10 university in the USA for hosting students from other countries.
  • High ROI. Located in Phoenix, the 5th biggest city in the USA, convenient to live in while much more affordable than LA, the Silicon Valley area or NYC; at the same time, ASU’s world-class reputation is highly acknowledged by employers across the USA.
  • Local opportunities. As the high-tech central area and regional economic center, tons of Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size and start-up corporations are doing business in Phoenix, and there are plenty of opportunities.
  • Abundant scholarships. International freshmen and transfer students are eligible for the New American University Scholarship ($3,000 – 15,500), and college & departmental scholarships.    

University of Washington- Bothell

Opened in 1990, the University of Washington Bothell (UW Bothell) is a satellite campus of the University of Washington. Although it is smaller than the main campus in Seattle, UW Bothell offers more than 55 undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

  • 1/3 students are transfer students,  including 79% from the 34 community colleges in WA, experienced in serving transfer students.
  • Strong interdisciplinary approach to degrees. 50% undergraduate majors are interdisciplinary approach, including Interactive Media Design, Science Technology & Society, law, economics & public policy, interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.
  • International transfer students with 90 transferable quarter credits are eligible for TOEFL/IELTS test waiver (coursework GPA 2.75, plus GPA 3.0 in BC’s ENG 101 & 102) 
  • Variety of majors that would be open to STEM OPT, professional in OPT and STEM OPT advising
  • “Regular” scholarships (ranging from $700-$3500) plus international student ONLY scholarship (Natalie K. Lang scholarship)   
  • Small class sizes which are perfect for International students to have access and to receive supports from their professors.  
  • Small campus creates a warm and friendly environment. It makes you feel that you are part of the community. 
  • Many undergraduate research opportunities 

UW Bothell is a place where innovation and creativity are celebrated and where the student experience is paramount.  

Last Updated February 16, 2021