Credit Evaluation

If you have college credits that you earned at another college or university and would like to see if those credits can transfer to Bellevue College, there are some important things that you should know.

Common questions students have about transferring credits to Bellevue College

Is a credit evaluation automatically completed when I apply to Bellevue College (BC)?

No, you need to request a credit evaluation. Please click this link for more information about transferring your college credits to Bellevue College: Transfer to Bellevue College

What makes the transcript official?

The transcript must be in an envelope sealed by the institution that issued it. This transcript lists all courses attempted, whether passed or failed, and a grade for each. Typically, the transcript is signed or stamped as well. If the transcript is not in a sealed envelope, the transcript is not official.

How long does the credit evaluation process take?

Generally, 10-12 weeks.

Must all transcripts be in English?

All official transcripts must be submitted in the original language unless the school prepares an official copy in English. If the documents are in another language, then it must be translated by the school or an accredited translation agency and then submitted with the transcript in the original language. Some overseas schools do have English versions of the transcript available for their students. OIE recommends that you submit either a course description or syllabus from your former school.  These course descriptions can be copies, but they must have been prepared by the school. You cannot write a course description yourself. Please see here for more information about Transferring International Credit.

Is there a fee for a credit evaluation?

There is no fee for an official credit evaluation if you are a Bellevue College student.

How old can an official transcript be in order for BC to accept it?

Bellevue College does not set an expiration date if the transcript is old. As long as the transcript is still in a sealed envelope from the former school, BC will accept it. However, you must submit course descriptions for credits earned prior to 1994. Please click this link for more information about transferring your college credits to Bellevue College: Transfer to Bellevue College

Can I change my credit evaluation if I want to?

If a student wants to change their credit evaluation to a different degree, they must contact the Evaluations Office in B Building and fill out a new Request for Credit Evaluation Form for their new degree. BC can use the official transcript the student has already submitted.

How will I know that my Credit Evaluation in finished?

A BC Credential Evaluator explain by email how your courses transferred. Please note, BC staff will only communicate with you through your Bellevue College email.

Will my accepted transfer credits show on my BC transcript?

Yes. Once the credit evaluation is complete, the number of credits and the school where you earned these credits will be posted at the end of your BC transcript.

Will the grades or GPA from my accepted transfer classes show up on BC transcript?

No. Typically only credits are accepted, not grades, but if students did not pass a class then this class will not be accepted for transfer credit.

Last Updated October 27, 2021