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Academic Success Center

Go to: D-204
Call: 425-564-2200
The Academic Success Center can assist you in successfully completing your college courses. Students and professionals are hired to provide group, drop-in and one-to-one tutoring sessions. Tutoring is available in virtually any subject. The Math Lab and Writing Center are designed for you to succeed!

Counseling Center

Go to: B231 2nd floor of Student Services
Call: 425-564- 2212
The Counseling Center supports your success by providing educational and career planning, academic counseling, and free short-term confidential personal counseling to any registered BCC student. The Center also offers credit classes under the Human Development curriculum to help you identify goals and learn effective decision-making skills for college and life success.

Major Advising

Go to: B-231 2nd floor of Student Services
Call: 425-564- 2212
Entry & Academic Advising Center provides professional academic advice and educational planning to new and continuing students by providing the resources and planning tools to best develop a meaningful, sound educational plan to achieve their academic and life goals.

Library Media Center (LMC) 

Go to: D-126 library’s main entrance
Call: 425-564- 2252
The LMC offers excellent resource materials in print and electronic format. Librarians are always available to help you with search strategies and other research techniques to complement your class work.

Disability Resource Center (DRC) 

Go to: B-132
Call: 425-564-2498
In order to ensure student success, DRC provides accommodations (in the forms of equipment, additional examination time, note taking, etc.) for students with a documented disability. Appropriate accommodations are authorized when a student requests them after following the eligibility process set by disability laws and college procedures. Part of the eligibility process includes the student submitting documentation of his/her disabling condition(s).

Career Connections and Women’s Center 

Go to: B-231 2nd floor of Student Services
Call: 425-564-2279
The Career Center provides comprehensive career resources for you at all stages of your academic and professional career. The Women’s Center assists you (yes!…both men and women) in reaching your academic and career goals and tapping into community resources and scholarships.

Multicultural Services (MCS) 

Go to: B-233 2nd floor of Student Services
Call: 425-564-2208
MCS provides academic and support services and advocacy for students of color, low-income students, first generation college students, students with disabilities, and veterans at BC.

Student Programs

Go to: C-212 Above the Cafeteria
Call: 425-564- 6150
By enriching your student experience through leadership opportunities, personal learning and cultural experiences, Student Programs is committed to building a pluralistic and diverse campus community that fosters creativity, innovation and student success. We encourage you to get involved in campus life!

Last Updated April 5, 2021