International High School Completion

General Program Information

What is it?

Bellevue College’s International High School Completion (IHSC) is a program for academically motivated F-1 students who are 16 and 17-years old and have not yet earned a high school diploma. IHSC allows qualified students to take courses that count for both a high school diploma and transfer associate degree at the same time.

EligibilityInternational staffers and students have a celebratory lunch

A student must:

  • Be 16 years old or older before the first day of the quarter
  • Be on a valid F-1 status to study full-time
  • Have successfully completed the U.S. equivalent of 9th grade in the student’s home country or other location. Successful completion of the U.S. equivalent of 10th grade is strongly advised
  • Not have already received a high school diploma or equivalent in your home country or in the US

IHSC Admission RequirementsTwo students in a new dorm room

Important Notes:

After acceptance, all IHSC students must send their official transcripts to OIE. The transcripts must include 9th grade and be professionally translated into English. A sealed copy must be express mailed to OIE.

  • Official transcript must be in a sealed envelope of the issuance school.
  • Transcripts issued in English by the issuance school are acceptable. Transcripts issued in the students’ native language by the issuance school
    must be translated by a certified translator.
  • OIE recommends that students request two (2) sets of transcripts from their school. The first set (unofficial) is for translation and uploading to the online application, and the second set (official) is to be sent to OIE via express mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated July 9, 2019