IBP General Program Information

International Business Professions (IBP) is a full-time, 12 months program that starts in Fall and Spring. Students design their own study and career plan that aligns with their interests by taking a wide range of college-level subjects and practical English support courses for one academic year to prepare them for an internship in their field of interest.

Please note that IBP is a cohort based program that requires a minimum enrollment each Fall and Spring. For questions about the upcoming cohort, please email ie@bebllevuecollege.edu.

  • Students must be a high school graduate and at least 18 years old.
  • Students must meet the required English language proficiency at the time of application.
  • Students must be in good academic and immigration standing throughout the program to be able to apply for the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) in their final term.
  • Students in Japan must apply to the IBP Program through the authorized agency at https://www.iccworld.co.jp/ibp/university/bellevue/

  1. Main Track (Track A):
    Student must meet one of the following requirements:
    • 54 (iBT) or 480 (PBT). More information about TOEFL
    • Overall Academic IELTS score of 5.0 with no specific sub-score requirements. More information about Academic IELTS
  2. Advance Track (Track B):
    Student must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. An online international student application form. Go to https://international.bellevuecollege.edu/ to create a profile and start an application.
  2. A non-refundable $50 application fee paid online.
  3. Student must pay an express mail fee via the eShipGlobal site if an acceptance packet would be sent to an address outside of US. The student must upload the air bill with a complete mailing address.
  4. A copy of the passport photo page, including expiration date.
    1. A copy of each F-2 dependent’s passport photo page, including expiration date.
  5. A bank statement dated within six months of the date of you submitted your application, with a minimum balance of $33,247 USD.
    1. Add $5,000 USD for each F-2 dependent
    2. If your financial sponsor is not you or your parents:
      1. Sponsors outside the US must complete the online Financial Responsibility Form.
      2. US-based sponsors must complete the Affidavit of Support (I-134) form.
  6. Unofficial transcripts in English
  7. Proof of English Language Proficiency

Last Updated July 10, 2023