Posting an Internship

Our internship program requires students to register for credit. Some students may not be inclined to register for credit if it isn’t needed for their particular degree. But we would like to ask for your support in ensuring that they do register. Here are the reasons why:

  • When an intern registers for credit through us, part of the class fee covers liability insurance. If the intern causes any damage while on the job, the liability insurance will kick in. We have a scholarship that pays for the class tuition, so there is usually no or little cost to the student to register.
  • We ask interns to establish three goals at the beginning of the internship. Feedback has shown that when interns share that assignment with their employer, it almost always leads to a very useful conversation about what the experience will and will not include.
  • Interns who are registered for credit are often more reliable because they are being held accountable by you (the employer) and by us (the college). They are therefore less likely to leave the internship unexpectedly.

How to Post a Position

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Visit the site CONNECT, out Bellevue College job board at for information about posting a job or internship. After you have posted the position, we will review it (within 24 hours) before it becomes available for students to view. If we have not placed an intern with you in the past, we will call you to discuss the position and make sure it meets Bellevue College Academic Internship Program requirements.

After the Position Has Been Posted

Once the position has been approved, we will begin marketing it to our students and alumni. Applicants are required to meet with the Internship Coordinator ( before applying for an internship. The Internship Coordinator will discuss the Academic Internship Program with the student and make sure that he/she understands what is required and expected of them them before they apply on CONNECT. You may contact the student directly if you wish to schedule an interview. If you offer the student an internship, please make sure they register for credit.

Last Updated June 6, 2022