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What is an internship

and how can BC help me find one?

The word "internship" means different things to different people.

At Bellevue College (BC), an internship is:

"A structured and supervised professional experience, within an approved agency, for which a student earns academic credit. It is guided by learning goals and supervised by both academic and agency personnel."

An internship is like a temporary job which offers a certain amount of training and supervision. Other words used to describe this experience are:co-op, on-the-job-training, or apprenticeship. Since different words are used to describe this experience, just keep in mind that at BC, an internship is a professional experience that offers training and supervision.

The specific details of the internship vary according to the employer’s needs.

Paid vs. Unpaid


Some internships are paid and some are unpaid. It all depends on what the employer is willing and able to offer.

Part-time vs. Full-time


The time commitment also varies depending on what the employer needs. Some internships are full-time, but most are part-time.

Length of the Internship


EXPRL 191 internships can begin and end at anytime during the year. The course has continuous registration, which means that you can register at almost any time during the year. If you start half-way through the quarter, for example, we’ll just give you an incomplete grade (Y) at the end of the quarter and change it to a letter grade when you finish the internship.

The length of your internship can vary, but the minimum is 50 hours.

Time Required to Find an Internship


The amount of time it takes to find an internship varies greatly depending on your specific interests and needs, as well as the current job market. Sometimes it just takes a few days, and sometimes it takes many months. It’s always best to plan ahead!

Assistance Finding an Internship


The BC Center for Career Connections is available to assist students, alumni, and community members in their search for an academic internship for credit through the Academic Internship Program. We have various methods for assisting you in your search. Here’s how we can help:

  • We assist you in creating or updating your resume and/or cover letter. A strong resume and cover letter is of the utmost importance when trying to get your foot in the door at a company. We have a Resume-Writing Guide (pdf) and a Cover Letter Guide (pdf) that can help you get started, and then we will meet with you in person to give individualized assistance and feedback.
  • Our job and internship posting site, called CONNECT!, gives you up-to-date information about opportunities in various areas, including Accounting, Marketing, IT, Science, and many other fields. In addition, we have partnerships with many area businesses, and these connections allow us to continuously develop new opportunities.