After your appointment

With a BC Internship Specialist, What Should I Do?

Upload Your Resume

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You can upload your resume to CONNECT! before your appointment, but until the Internship Specialist approves your resume, you cannot apply for internships. For more information on how to upload your resume to CONNECT!, see our guide called Guide to Using CONNECT! (pdf).

Next, the Internship Coordinator will either approve or disapprove your resume. If your resume is approved, it will then be available to employers to view and you will be able to apply for internships. If your resume is disapproved, you will receive an email explaining why (see resume writing guidelines). You will need to make adjustments and upload it again.

Search for Internships

After you’ve completed your profile and uploaded your resume, you can then search for internship openings. Click on the “Search for Jobs & Internships” tab at the top of the page. We recommend keeping your search criteria as broad as possible. For more information on how to best use CONNECT!, see our guide called Guide to Using CONNECT! (pdf). Pay special attention to the section titled “Creating a Search Agent.”

We highly encourage you to also conduct your own internship search outside of CONNECT! the more places you look, the more likely it is that you will find something! See our Job Search Resources page for web sites that may be useful to you in finding internships.

Keep in mind that your best bet to find an internship is to talk to people you know, ask about possible opportunities, and directly contact companies for which you know you want to work.

Applying for Internships

If you find an internship in CONNECT! that you would like to apply for, follow the “How to Apply” instructions on the right side of the page.

Read the instructions carefully the number one reason people don’t get offered jobs and internships is that they didn’t follow the application instructions!


Last Updated August 10, 2015