Internship Assignments

What Assignments are Required for the Academic Internship Course?

Credits Based on Number of Hours Worked

Bellevue College (BC) internship students get college credit for their experience. The course (EXPRL 191: Academic Internship Experience) offers 1-5 academic credits depending on the total number of hours worked:

  • 1 credit = 50 hours
  • 2 credits = 100 hours
  • 3 credits = 150 hours
  • 4 credits = 200 hours
  • 5 credits = 250 hours


There are four major assignments you need to complete for this course.

The assignments are as follows:

  • You will write three learning objectives.
  • You will write a two-page mid-internship reflection paper.
  • You will write a final reflection paper or you may design your own research topic paper related to your internship or industry.
  • A LinkedIn Profile

Finally, you will meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss your experience. You will then be issued a letter grade. For more details on course assignments and grading, see the EXPRL 191 Course Syllabus.

Support to Pay for the Class

Support may be available to assist you in paying the tuition for the EXPRL 191/192/193 internship courses. This support may not be applied to any other courses.

Last Updated April 30, 2019