Internship Credits & Assignments

Credits Based on Number of Hours Worked

Bellevue College (BC) internship students get college credit for their experience. The course (EXPRL 191: Academic Internship Experience) offers 1-5 academic credits depending on the total number of hours worked:

  • 1 credit = 50 hours
  • 2 credits = 100 hours
  • 3 credits = 150 hours
  • 4 credits = 200 hours
  • 5 credits = 250 hours


The assignments are as follows:

  • You will write three learning objectives.
  • You will write a two-page mid-internship reflection paper.
  • You will write a final reflection paper or you may design your own research topic paper related to your internship or industry.
  • LinkedIn profile and create a resume

Finally, you will meet with the Internship Coordinator to discuss your experience. You will then be issued a letter grade.
For more details on course assignments and grading, see the EXPRL 191 Course Syllabus.

Last Updated November 24, 2021