Benefits of an Internship

Academic Credit – The Bellevue College Academic Internship Program allows you to acquire course credits while working and learning in a professional environment. You will receive a letter grade for this course, so it can help to boost your GPA, and it shows up on your transcript as an official internship.

Many employers, colleges, and universities don’t consider an internship real unless it receives course credit through an academic institution.

You are able to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained in the classroom in a work setting, thus enriching your learning experience.

An internship can really enhance your resume. It shows employers that you not only have knowledge and skills, you also know how to apply them. In a competitive hiring environment, internships can really help you stand out in the crowd.

If you’re not quite sure that your current field of study is right for you, an internship is an excellent opportunity to test it out.

An internship is a great opportunity to meet people in your field and make connections that may pay off in the future. Many companies also hire former interns as full-time employees!

Most interns are in school and have various responsibilities competing for their time. Many companies understand this and offer their interns flexible schedules that fit their busy lives.

To learn more about how some of our students benefited from the internships, visit our student feedback page.

Last Updated June 27, 2022