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Nicole Anderson

Interior Design Intern at Mercedes Fernandez Interior Design in Seattle

Nicole Anderson 1

Nicole interned during the Summer and Fall of 2009. She gained exposure to the industry, learned business etiquette, networked with representatives from companies throughout Seattle, and applied classroom knowledge.

“It is my responsibility to make sure that the sample libraries are organized, easily accessible, stocked and updated monthly. I take care of ordering finish samples and assuring their delivery for project meetings and boxes that the designers are working on. I create the job binders with the necessary sections including a project contact list that I update regularly. When the design firm is hired to design commercial model units I am in charge of putting together and arranging some of the furniture and accessories. I will often be in charge of ordering these pieces and scheduling their timely delivery. Occasionally I get the privilege of picking finish samples for certain jobs or clients upon request of MFID designers. I have previously been asked to select fabric, paint, art, tile, and toe kick finishes. This is one of the more exciting tasks for me and it directly relates to my future profession as an interior designer.”

The benefits of an internship in the area in which you are studying are numerous. It can help students to narrow down exactly what career

Nicole Anderson 2

path they would like to take and how they would like to go about getting that job. It can help students decide if that profession is really right for them. It helped me to understand exactly what the career that I was studying realistically entailed. While working as an intern you often have a chance to get your foot in the door and can even help provide future career opportunities. The on-the-job experience helps you to learn tricks of the trade and the lingo of your future profession. My internship at Mercedes Fernandez Interior Design gave me the edge I needed to be able to compete with the many applicants to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I believe that my internship was the reason I have excelled in interior design. The relationships you make while interning can help you now and in the future.”

Nicole Anderson


Amyr Zafar Haq

Bellevue College Rotaract Nepal/USA
Amyr Zafar Haq 1
Traveled to Kenya, Pakistan, India, England & DominicaDisability Awareness Intern

  • Pursuing BA at University of Washington
  • Organized Blood drives, FoodLifeline, Adopt-a-Highway
  • Responsible for a nationwide Muslim mentoring program
  • Delights in finding hidden talent in others and unlocking it
  • Amiable leader and excellent team player

Bellevue College student Zafar Haq, of Bellevue, has won the national Two-Year College Student Achievement Award for 2010 from the Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA). Haq received the award, which includes a $500 stipend, at the CEIA’s national conference in Boston. CEIA’s Two-year College Student Achievement Award recognizes the most outstanding student participant in a two-year college cooperative education or internship program in the prior year.

Haq is being honored for his service as a Bellevue College Rotaract Nepal/USA Disability Awareness Campaign Intern in 2009. In that position, Haq and five other interns journeyed to Nepal for 10 days to learn about the physical, social and financial challenges faced by local residents with disabilities. After returning from Nepal, Haq and his fellow interns implemented a series of service projects and events to raise disability awareness — including a campus-wide event called The Ability Experience, which gave students, faculty and staff the opportunity to experience some of what it means to live with a disability. Haq also initiated a fund-raising campaign to buy wheelchairs for one of the agenciesAmyr Zafar Haq 2 his delegation visited in Nepal. Two wheelchairs have been donated so far.

Haq’s other community involvements extend well beyond the Bellevue College campus.

He currently serves as a national director for a mentoring program for young Muslim men and works as an assistant organizer for, for which he has coordinated Habitat for Humanity and Adopt-a-Highway projects, among many others. He also has performed volunteer work at Evergreen Hospital and the Seattle University Center for Service.

Haq already holds an associate in arts and sciences degree from Bellevue College and will receive a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Washington in June. He is continuing at Bellevue College to continue his preparation for medical school, with the ultimate goal of improving access to medical care in underserved areas of the world.

Amyr Zafar Haq

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