Pre-Med & Nursing Students

Can Pre-Med Students Get An Internship?

Medical Internships

For students who are considering a medical profession or are trying to get into medical school, an internship is a good way to get exposure to the field. However, there are many legal restrictions that prevent non-credentialed students from participating in a medical internship. In other words, you must wait until you’re in medical or nursing school before you can participate in a medical or nursing internship. Until then, you can and should gain experience working in a medical environment.

Experience Working in a Medical Environment

The best way to gain experience working in a medical environment is to volunteer. There are many great volunteer opportunities in the Puget Sound area. Below is a list of area hospitals, medical-related organizations, and volunteer databases that will be helpful in your search for a medical volunteer opportunity.

Area Hospitals

Other Organizations

Volunteer Databases

Last Updated October 23, 2015