WordPress Mayflower Theme version 1.3 Deployed

Mayflower Theme version 1.3 has been deployed to production. If you are running the WordPress Mayflower theme you will now see the following new features and fixes!

Below is a list of changes:

Display Course Description Information on your Website!

We’ve added the ability to site managers to insert class schedule data through a wordpress short code. Clicking Add Course brings up a pop-up with  options for inserting this information. As this pulls info from the online class schedule, there are not issues with discrepancies between the curriculum information displayed in the class schedule and your website. Any updates made to the class schedule will automatically display!

Site managers are now able to upload a logo or image into the header of their website

The section under Appearance > Header in the wordpress dashboard now allows site managers to replace the text title of their website with a custom logo image.

Added social linking functionality.

Site managers can now add icons that link to their social media presence. These can be added under Appearance > Customize in the wordpress dashboard. Social icons will appear in the front end above the search box in the header. This functionality works in the lite version of the theme. Branded has a global social element in the footer.

Video Post Format

Users now have the option of adding a Video post. By choosing the video post format users are using a pre-defined template part that will publish the video contents. This means that video content will display directly on your homepage (if your homepage is set to display recent posts), and on any category and post pages.

Fix Widget Styles

We’ve added styling to a number of widgets, some default and some that are added by various plugins. Below is a list of widgets that were styled:

  • Really Simple Twitter (add-on)
  • List Category Posts (add-on)
  • Gravity Forms (add-on)
  • Category (core)
  • Archive (core)
  • Tags (core)
  • RSS (core)
  • Recent Posts (core)

Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

Last Updated July 29, 2014