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ITS Training provides technology training for all members of campus. We educate students, faculty, and staff about BC campus technology, with the goal of helping broaden awareness and understanding of resources available for use at BC. Use the links on the righthand side to navigate this page.

Tech Tuesday!

Tech Tuesday, Winter Schedule:

Click on the training listed to learn more, and to access a meeting link to join day-of!

What is Tech Tuesday?

Calling all students, faculty, and staff! Every quarter, ITS Training provides an ongoing series of training sessions meant to spread knowledge and awareness of BC technology. Tech Tuesday sessions are held online, via Teams @ 2pm on Tuesday afternoons.

Tech Tuesday events are available to anyone with a BC email address, and is brought to you by ITS Training, in partnership with the Committee for Classified Professional Development.

How Do I join a Tech Tuesday Session?

Participating in Tech Tuesday is easier than ever – no registration required. Instead, join any particular meeting by using the link included in each event below.

Worried about missing a session?

You can copy + paste the meeting links below onto a calendar event, or alternatively download + run the provided .ical files, which will add these files to your calendar. You’re also welcome to contact us for any assistance – we’ll even just send you the Teams invites directly to your email upon request.

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Tech Tuesday Schedule

Tech Tuesday, Winter Schedule:

Click to learn more about a specific training, and to grab meeting links to join the session!

Excel 200 by Microsoft Customer Success Team

 Tues, Feb 14th @ 2pm

Join us for advanced training on Excel – one of Microsoft’s most useful and powerful authoring apps. Learning some of Excel’s advanced functionality can put you at a huge advantage in the workplace, school, and even in your personal life (with budgeting and financial management, for instance). Though the topic is impossible to cover in 1 hour, this session will introduce you to advanced features and tools that will enrich your Excel skillset, and elevate your knowledge.

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Teams Tips and Tricks by Microsoft Customer Support

Tues, Feb 21st @ 2pm

This week on Tech Tuesday, learn some handy Teams tips and tricks from the Microsoft Customer Support experts. As you likely already know, Teams is a collaboration tool provided by Microsoft. With Teams, you can share files, chat, meet, and interact with all your teammates easily and quickly. Teams receives constant updates and improvements from the developers at Microsoft, so in this session we’ll get caught up on the newest features, and review the presenter’s favorite tips and tricks. 

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Tech Tuesdays! Video Archive

What is the video archive?

The Tech Tuesday! Video Archive is our library of previous Tech Tuesday training sessions. Use this to get up to speed on the latest from Microsoft’s professional support staff, and to get a taste of what Tech Tuesday sessions offer for our campus.

Here’s a sample of some of our past training:

Microsoft Word Level 200 – Learn some intermediate and advanced concepts in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel Level 200 – Introduce yourself to some intermediate and advanced functionality with Microsoft’s ever-popular Excel.

Creating Accessible Content With Microsoft 365 – This course shows how people at school and work can achieve more with the built-in accessibility tools and features in Microsoft technologies.

Our library of content is always growing. New content gets added every week that Tech Tuesday sessions occur. We’ve also included some useful content whose origins are from campus events, such as our Immersive Reader training on Microsoft accessibility tools.

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Additional Resources

Linked-in Learning

Linked-in Learning – previously – is a training and professional development platform featuring an enormous amount of helpful training resources taught by industry professionals. This resource is freely available to anyone with an active BC email address. To start learning now, click the link above and the page will open in a new tab. Click the ‘Sign in’ button, located in the upper righthand portion of the page, and enter your Bellevue College email address and password.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is our in-house repository of information concerning technology at BC, making it highly useful to technology needs and concerns on the BC campus in particular. You can find relevant how-to guides, frequently-asked questions (FAQs), and generalized information pages – all concerning BC technology – hand crafted by subject matter experts and technical staff from BC’s Information Technology Services department.

Looking for Technology Support? Contact our Service Desk!

In case you just need technology support immediately for an issue you cannot fix, visit our Service Desk page.

ITS Training Contact and Inquiries

Have more questions about ITS Training or any of the contents of this page? Contact Dan Moretti for more information. ITS Training is a part of the Information Technology Services department.

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Last Updated February 7, 2023