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A Guide to Experiential Learning

 A Guide to Experiential LearningLearning while traveling during college is important and worth it.  Aside from having the time of their life and gaining memories that last forever, there are many advantages that students gain in experiential learning, attending conferences, and studying abroad.

Date and Time: Thursday June 2 @ 10 AM


The Art of Connecting to Self

The Art of Connecting to SelfPlease join the Leadership Institute and Licensed Professional Counselor, Juliana Dewitt to learn how you can reduce stress during finals. Heather Rane will talk about the art of connecting and Bellevue College’s Community Kindness Rock Project. Student participants are eligible to receive a Free Art Therapy Paint Kit following registration for the event.

Date and Time: Friday, March 11 @ 4:00 PM

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Ain’t I a Woman

Ain't I a WomanPlease join the Leadership Institute on 3/10 from 1:30 – 2:30 PM for a Women’s History Presentation, Ain’t I a Woman!

Ain’t I A Woman! celebrates the life and times of four powerful African American women: renowned novelist and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston, ex-slave and fiery abolitionist Sojourner Truth, exuberant folk artist Clementine Hunter, and fervent civil rights worker Fannie Lou Hamer. The musical score is drawn from the heartfelt spirituals and blues of the Deep South, the urban vitality of the Jazz Age, and contemporary concert music by African Americans. Ain’t I a Woman! is a joyful exploration of the trials and triumphs of four passionate and accomplished women.

Thursday, March 10, 1:30pm-2:30 P.M. *No registration needed. Join us on Zoom:

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Of Ebony Embers – Vignettes of the Harlem Renaissance

Of Ebony Embers

Please join the Leadership Institute Thursday Feb. 17, 1:30 – 2:30 PM for a Black History Month Presentation, Of Ebony Embers – Vignettes of the Harlem Renaissance.

Celebrating the music and poetry of the Harlem Renaissance era in New York City, Of Ebony Embers, examines the lives of three outstanding but very different African American poets – Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen and Claude McKay – as seen through the eyes of the great painter and muralist Aaron Douglas. The Core Ensemble performs music by African American composers ranging from jazz greats Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus to concert music composers Jeffrey Mumford and George Walker.

Join on Zoom! (*No registration needed)

Thursday, February 17, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

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Return to Little Rock: A Conversation with Minnijean Brown-Trickey

01/20/22 1:00 – 2:00 PM PST

MinniJean Brown-Trickey

Ms. Brown-Trickey has a lifelong experience and commitment to peacemaking; environmental issues; developing youth leadership; antiracism education and training; cross-cultural communication; gender and social justice advocacy. She is one of the nine African American students, commonly known as the Little Rock Nine who collectively resisted opposition to the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School in 1957, with protection from federal troops.  As a living witness to history―and as an active participant who has helped shape it she delivers a fascinating exploration of social change, diversity, and the battle against racism throughout the decades, from the beginnings of her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement to the present day.

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Trauma, Memory, and the Art of Survival with Gabriella Karin 01/27/22

Coming Thursday, January 27 @ 12:30 PM on Zoom:

Gabriella Karin

Please join the Leadership Institute on Holocaust Remembrance Day as we honor the many millions who died during the holocaust and work to prevent future genocides.

Gabriella Karin, sculptor and Holocaust survivor, will talk about her experience as a child during WWII. Separated from her parents, she was placed in a Slovakian convent for three years. As an adult, suppressed memories of her past came flooding back once she began to fashion sculptures related to the Holocaust. 

Rather than depicting a sense of anger, Ms Karin’s work and her lectures exudes hope that her story can prevent persecution and cruelty in the world.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Presented by Brian “Heat” Hamlin

Brian Heat

02/03/22 1:00 – 2:30 PM PST

An inspirational speaker workshop that will ignite students to not only celebrate the historical and modern day icons that paved the way before them, but also challenge them to add their own unique stories of accomplishment, overcoming and social advocacy future generations will too be able to seek strength and inspiration from!

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Of Ebony Embers -Vignettes of the Harlem Renaissance, The Core Ensemble

Of Ebony Embers, The Core Ensemble

02/17/22 1:30 – 2:30 PM PST

Celebrating the music and poetry of the Harlem Renaissance era in New York City, Of Ebony Embers examines the lives of three outstanding but very different African American poets – Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen and Claude McKay – as seen through the eyes of the great painter and muralist Aaron Douglas. The Core Ensemble performs music by African American composers ranging from jazz greats Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus to concert music composers Jeffrey Mumford and George Walker.

Think Big! Mon. 11/8 @ 1:30 PM

Saul Flores THINK BIG!

Saul Flores, is a philanthropist, photojournalist, and speaker who is nationally recognized for his social impact projects.  

On a service-learning spring break trip to his mother’s hometown, Saul discovered a withering cinderblock elementary school, flowered by beautiful fields of sugarcane. Determined to help make a difference in the lives of the children, and armed with the knowledge that education provides youth a solid foundation, Saul made it his mission to raise funds to reconstruct their school. After an arduous three-year labor of love, and with the help of a community of scholars wanting to make a difference, the 134 elementary students graduated in a newly reconstructed school.

Please join the Leadership Institute to learn how serving others is leadership, the value of service-learning trips and giving back to communities, and how to use your skills and talents in service of others. 

Date and Time: Monday, November 8 @ 1:30 PM

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Lead Everywhere – Thurs. Oct. 7 @ 1:30 PM

Lead Everywhere October 7 @ 1:30 PM

Join the Leadership Institute for an interactive and engaging educational experience that blends student success, student development theory, and real life corporate experience to empower attendees with the tools they need to succeed.  Constructive and positive short and long term strategies are shared to increase student engagement in clubs and organizations. Learn how to position yourself for success through involvement and networking to maximize your collegiate experience! 

Date and Time: Thursday, October 7 @ 1:30 PM

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Live Resilient! – Thu. September 30 @ 1:30 PM

Live Resilient Sept. 30 @ 1:30 PM

Join the Leadership Institute and Kennesha Woods to learn about Live Resilient!  You will learn about the five pillars of resilience, the purpose of identifying your ability to be resilient, and the function of the Live Resilient Daily Planner.  Up to 50 students will have the opportunity to get a free Live Resilient Daily Planner.

The Live Resilient Daily Planner is designed as a map for resilience and an accountability tool that provides guidance.  The Live Resilient Daily Planner will reduce stress, support you in achieving your goals, and encourage you to activate your superpowers.  Use every gem this planner has to offer to lead you to victory!  

Date and Time: Thursday, September 30 @ 1:30 PM

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Casado Consultations – Personal Best Leadership

Tuesday, July 20 @ 11 AM

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Personal Best Leadership Experience – Help students define their personal best performance or behavior as a leader. Once they know and understand what they do when they’re at the very best, they can work to be at the very best in all they do.  This session is also an exploration of values and alignment with daily endeavors.

The Elite Marketing Firm – Social Media 101: How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

Join the Leadership Institute for Social Media 101: How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy! During this engaging workshop attendees will learn about the basics of social media and the necessary elements needed to create a sustainable and effective social media strategy. Participants will also learn the importance of social media algorithms, storytelling and how innovative design elements help boost audience engagement and social interaction!

Date and Time: August 12 @ 11 AM

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Adaptability in Leadership Development – Thursday, June 17 @ 11 am

Adaptability in Leadership Development

Sponsored by the Leadership Institute!

Good leaders provide a sense of direction, whether that is on the court or in a boardroom. Strong leaders can be relied on to make the right decisions in the clutch moments of a game or project cycle. A good leader takes responsibility for their actions, motivates the team, promotes a strong work ethic and is flexible when faced with unexpected challenges. In addition, the values of a leader on the court align with that of a good leader in the business world. We will discuss accountability in the development of leaders, fostering self-motivation, a positive work ethic, and flexibility (adaptability). We will also walk students through creating a leadership development plan for their organization.

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Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ+ Youth – Thursday, June 10 @ 2pm

GLSEN 101: Queers in Schools
  • Participants will assess their own attitudes and beliefs related to LGBTQ bias.
  • Participants will learn about the prevalence of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools and its impact on students’ social, emotional and academic success.
  • Participants will reflect on the importance of adult allies to LGBTQ students.
  • Participants will explore strategies and develop skills to respond to anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment situations that might occur in schools.
  • Participants will gain knowledge about resources available to support LGBTQ students.

Zoom Link:

The FUNdamentals of Event Planning & Social Media Marketing – Thu. June 3 @ 11 AM

The FUNdamentals of Event Planning & Social Media Marketing with QR Code

Join the Leadership Institute and Publicist and Entrepreneur, Jasmine RaeLynn to learn about the FUNdamentals of Event Planning & Social Media Marketing! During this engaging workshop attendees will learn about event planning, social media marketing and leadership in the rising digital age! 

Date and Time: June 3 @ 11 AM

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Seeds for Success – Thu. May 13 @ 12 PM

Seeds for Success

The Leadership Institute in the Office of Student Programs continues to provide leadership events open for all BC students. Staff and faculty are also welcome to attend.   

Self-confidence, self-esteem, and life beyond college are all skill building takeaways that participants will receive.  The presenter will share stories to empower you for what’s coming up next, especially as it relates to prioritizing academic enrichment and cultural immersion.  You will be challenged to go below the surface to evaluate the behaviors that sometimes-hinder growth. You will also explore ways to holistically improve yourself, personally, academically and professionally, to reach your full potential in a more balanced and healthy manner.

Date and Time: May 13 @ 12 PM

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Beyonce Wasn’t Built in a Day, Thursday, April 29 @ 7pm

Beyonce Wasn't Built in a Day 

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Know Your Risk (TM), Thursday, April 22 @ 12 pm

Know Your Risk 

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Be Color Brave, Not Color Blind, Monday, April 19 @ 7PM

Be Color Brave Not Color Blind 

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