Public Records

As a state agency, we are subject to the provisions of the Washington state public disclosure laws (RCW 42.56) governing access to public records and will respond accordingly. There may be exemptions to disclosure that may prohibit the college from releasing certain documents. The College will provide a brief explanation for any exemption to disclosure.

Interlocal Agreements

The interlocal agreements shown below are informational copies. They are posted here to comply with RCW 39.34.040 and have not been recorded with the King County Recorder’s Office. (Original interlocal agreements are on file and may be accessed by public records request.)

Public Disclosure

Bellevue College makes the following important information available to the general public, as required by state and federal laws and/or college policy. You can follow the links to get more detail on any of these topics. If you prefer to get the information in paper format, contact the office listed. You can also view all of our college policies and procedures online.