Mission, Vision, and Shared Values


The Library Media Center creates and enriches learning experiences for all.


The Library Media Center inspires life-long learning through connections, research, and discovery.

Connections– The library is a meeting place where people meet people, ideas meet ideas, and people meet ideas.
Research– The library creates accessible and innovative teaching and learning opportunities.
Discovery– The library brings together and provides an accessible environment for resources to ignite learning.

Shared Values

PEOPLE are our greatest asset when
…we show respect and compassion for one another
…we are professional and open minded
…we value differences while working towards a shared purpose

We demonstrate RESPECT through our interactions when we:
…respect people’s ideas and values
…provide a space where everyone feels welcome
…help patrons by listening and responding to their needs
…evolve service with technologies being adopted by teachers and learners
…provide comfort during times of stress (e.g. therapy dogs, snack food)
…treat each other with kindness

…providing an environment for students to gather
…hosting events that bring the campus community together
…reaching out to campus groups
…working in strong library teams
…providing a fertile environment for interdisciplinary experiences
…working with the campus to provide resources to support the curriculum

…building collections that reflect many voices and experiences
…promoting Open Education Resources
…being a welcoming space for all students
…supporting students so that they feel they belong here
…offering displays that reflect our diverse people and cultures
…providing instruction via multiple means

We practice or promote environmental, financial, and social SUSTAINABILITY by…
…providing multi-use spaces
…sharing and borrowing proprietary and open educational resources
…efficiently procuring, using, reusing, and surplussing resources
…developing efficient work plans and improving processes
…participating in campus wide sustainability initiatives
…providing affordable in-house alternatives to outsourcing

Last Updated June 27, 2022