Collaboratory Use Procedure

A joint project between the Library Media Center and the RISE Learning Institute, the Collaboratory is a library public use space designed for flexible student collaboration and teamwork. The goal of the Collaboratory is two-fold: to provide a space for creativity and collaboration AND to make that process more visible. The Collaboratory may be occasionally reserved by faculty employing collaborative student learning activities, large paired class interactive sessions, and classes actively involved in undergraduate research. The Collaboratory is not a classroom, and is not available for regular, recurring meetings of classes on the time schedule. Student club advisors may reserve the space for active learning events such as a Poetry Cafe or guest speaker, but not for regular meetings.

In all cases, the Collaboratory will remain open to all students. Our goal is to make research and active learning open and permeable to all Bellevue College students. This means that even when the space is reserved, other students will be allowed to use any available tables/seats.

Lastly, the Collaboratory is designed to be noisy! We want your students to be loud, animated and actively involved in the exciting but messy business of constructing their own learning! So please understand that other students may also be actively discussing and building their self-directed understanding as well.

  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are made through the form below.  In some cases, scheduling preference will be given to activities which support student research.
  • Events should conform to the LMC open hours.  Please include set up time and clean up time in your reservation. Most furnishings in the Collaboratory are movable, but we depend on you to return them to their original locations.
  • Notify the Media Services Office if a reservation must be canceled. x2001
  • The Library has a “dry snacks and covered drink” guideline.  Refreshments may be served provided proper care is given to clean-up after the event. Please consult with Library staff on appropriate disposal of food waste.
  • The user is responsible for providing necessary equipment not available at the LMC and for pre-arranging necessary equipment available at the LMC.  Please include equipment set up and technical support time in your reservation. Please plan to arrive early for your event to allow for necessary setup of furniture and equipment.
  • If your event requires more seating than what is provided in the space, it is up to you to contact Events for additional chairs.
  • The user is responsible for returning furniture to its original setup when the event is over.

If you would like to book The Collaboratory spaces, please use 25 Live.

Last Updated March 15, 2018