Bike-Friendly Campus: BC encourages two-wheel transportation

Bellevue College’s team for the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Month Challenge

Cycling programs and infrastructure are necessary tools for a commuter campus. Throughout the 2015-16 school year, BC’s Office of Sustainability will build its biking community with educational programs and new facilities. In concert with programs, infrastructure, and community building, BC continues to work to improve the safety and “bike-friendliness” on campus, creating an inviting place for bike commuting.

Cycling presents a low-impact opportunity for accessing campus and surrounding neighborhoods. “Everyday Bellevue College sees over 3,000 students and staff pass through its roads and parking lots. The congestion, delays, and carbon footprint caused by thousands of cars places a burden on the community and environment,” said Patrick Green, director of the Office of Sustainability.

As part of BC’s support of bike commuting, student and faculty cyclists were invited to submit ideas for advancing bicycle commuting on campus through a Spring Quarter 2015 survey. Green said, “They noted a desire to feel safe on their ride to and through campus. A sense of “bike-friendliness” became clear, and a desire to learn more about bicycle maintenance skills. We heard them loud and clear. Through partnerships with community organizations, campus departments, and student leaders, Bellevue College plans to advance its cycling efforts.”

Notably, Bellevue College has collaborated with Bike Works, a Seattle-based non-profit, to offer bike-oriented programs. Four 50-minute classes were held fall quarter: During Spirit Week, they could bring in their bike and have Bike Works perform basic maintenance, getting it ready for winter weather, or just to spruce it up. A bike commuting class covered laws and rules of the road, staying dry, how to carry your gear, tools necessary, and navigating your bike on transit. “This class introduces cyclists to lessons needed for entering the world of cycling,” said Green. The Fix a Flat class, covered a basic but necessary skill for getting from home to campus. Participants in that class received hands-on practice on changing their tubes and fixing a flat. Capping off the quarter was a Basic Brakes class, which covered three different types of brakes and their common issues.

Want to attend a cycling class?

Additional classes and programs are offered throughout the 2015-16 school year. Visit BC’s Sustainability homepage at to see upcoming classes and sign up. Also, be on the lookout for improved facilities, such as lockable and covered bike parking, access to showers, bike lanes, signage, and way-finding

– by Sharon Berg

BC Bikers Meet Challenge

Bellevue College’s team rocked the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike Month Challenge in May. The 15 active participants logged 272 one-way trips totaling a whopping 1,990 miles and burned an estimated 97,547 calories! The team avoided 1,752 pounds of CO2 emissions. English instructor David Lopez-Kopp pedaled over 417.9 miles of tarmac! Science instructor Jason Fuller led the pack with 33 one-way trips (pictured above).


Last Updated October 3, 2016