March is Women’s History Month

In 1987, March was declared the Women’s History Month, recognizing women from all walks of life regardless of their caste, color, creed, culture and age for their valuable contributions towards our shared history.

The Month of March has many important events and days that are celebrated on multicultural calendars in the USA and other countries of the world. BC community includes student, faculty and staff from many cultural and faith backgrounds. If you know colleagues and students who may celebrate or hold in importance some of the mentioned days and events please wish them well.

Please let us know if we made a mistake or neglected to mention an event or day that is important to you as members of our community. BC is committed to Global Education and Awareness. MCS is committed to fulfilling its part in serving this mission.

Please follow the following links to connect to various multicultural calendars available online.

Last Updated March 28, 2014