Continuing Students

Welcome back, continuing students. Ensure your success at Bellevue College by following this success path:

  1. Ensure that you have your finances in place for your studies for the next quarter
  2. If you are on Financial Aid make sure to check your status
  3. Have you decided on a major? If Yes skip this step
    • If you answered “NO” – go to Center for Career Connections and find out what you want to major in
    • Take a career exploration test
    • Meet with a career counselor
    • Declare a major
  4. Have you create an academic plan yet?
    • If you answered “YES” – choose your classes and discuss your class choices and class load with an MCS staff member to make sure you will be academically successful given all your responsibilities and time available to study effectively.
    • If you answered “NO
      • Go to Advising and Educational Planning and meet with an advisor to create an academic plan
      • Meet with an MCS staff member or Advising staff member to enroll in the right classes
      • If you are paying out of pocket make sure to meet the deadlines so you are not dropped from you classes for non payment
      • Get your books at the bookstore
  5. Follow the Secrets to College Success

Last Updated March 19, 2018