New Students

Congratulations, you have chosen Bellevue College. Make your entry to Bellevue College painless and smooth. Follow these steps:

  1. Decide when you plan to start at Bellevue College. Here are the application deadlines for this year.
  2. Know what it costs to attend Bellevue College
  3. Decide how you plan to pay for college:
    • Self pay
    • Financial Aid
    • Scholarships or other funding sources
    • If you are planning to apply for Financial Aid, check out the application deadlines. It is really important to have your finances in place before you apply. You will reduce the unnecessary stress associated with not knowing how you will pay for college.
  4. Apply for Admissions Online
  5. Apply for Financial Aid
    • Complete the FAFSA
    • Complete the BC FA Application
    • If you are a DREAMer Student you may complete the WASFA. at
  6. Determine your math and English placement.
  7. Go to Advising to pick your classes
  8. Find your career pathway and declare your major
  9. Follow the Secrets to College Success

Last Updated March 19, 2018