For Students

Our mission is to serve all enrolled students in general and students of color, lesbian/gay/transgender students, first generation, refugee and immigrant student sat Bellevue College. We will assist you in reaching your academic goals and have a fulfilling college experience at BC. We can help you find the right answers in many important areas.


Academic Success

You do not have to be a genius to get great grades. Actually students who do well are the ones who have a plan of action. They are committed to smart learning rather than just hard work only.


Help Resources

Resources for: Financial Assistance, Academic Help, Career Guidance, and More.


MCS Services

MCS has a very friendly staff who can help you with answer any questions or provide help with any of the following: Academic Success Services, Student Rights Advocacy, Student Support Services, and Leadership and Campus Involvement.


Know your Student Rights

As a student you should know your rights as a student. It is your right to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity on campus and in the classroom by faculty, staff, administrators, and other students. MCS serves as the student advocacy office when students need help in understanding their rights.


MCS Scholars

Created at the request of students, faculty, and staff of color, CSI is a culturally-responsive year-long college success initiative for new students of color with a special emphasis on African American and Latino/a students.


Campus Resources

A few campus resources available to students: Financial Assistance, Academic Help, and Career Guidance.


Get Involved

There is more to college than just getting good grades and attending your classes. Whether you want to go into the workplace or go on to a transfer college it is really important to have a well rounded college experience.