Academic Success

Getting Good Grades at Bellevue College

You do not have to be a genius to get great grades. Actually students who do well are the ones who have a plan of action. They are committed to smart learning rather than just hard work only.

Here are the resources you can use free of charge on this campus. The students who do well always find the help they need quickly and do not wait for things to get worse.

MCS Tutoring

Make an appointment with MCS staff to get tutoring in Math and English. Come and visit us at the Second Floor of the B Building (above the bookstore) or call us (425) 564-2208.

Khan Academy

This is a great site to learn about all things Math, Science and Finance.

Strategies for Academic Success

Successful students study smart as well as hard. Here you will find a collection of useful techniques and tips to improve your academic performance.

Successful students study smart as well as hard. On this page you will find some very useful techniques to improve your academic performance. You have to make a commitment to learn and then practice these techniques to mastery.

Here are a few very useful strategies to ensure you success in the classroom

  1. 4 P’s of Success
  2. How to read for success
  3. How to take great notes
  4. How to improve your memory
  5. Preparing for tests
  6. How to work with your classmates
  7. How to talk to your instructors
For more strategies go to


Academic Success Center

Free resources for reading, writing, math proficiency and FREE tutoring for enrolled students on various topics.

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BTS Technology Lab

A lab for students registered in Business Technology Systems (BTS) classes. Help is provided by faculty and tutors.

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Business Economics Study Center

Tutoring for students in transfer accounting, statistics, economics, and law classes.

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Science Study Center

A multipurpose room where science and math students gather to study and learn.

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Last Updated October 1, 2018