MCS Connects Mentoring Program

MCS Connects Mentoring Program serves incoming freshman and/or new to BC students. The goal of the program is to help incoming freshman and/or new to BC students acclimate to BC and college in general, and learn of ways in which to be successful at BC. The MCS Connects Mentoring Program comprises of Student Peer-Mentors and BC Faculty/Staff Mentors.

Once students apply for the program, they are matched with a mentor (peer and/or faculty/staff mentor) with similar academic, career aspirations, and/or interests. The mentor with whom the mentee is matched acts as a support and resource for the mentee (incoming freshman and/or new to BC students).  

Benefits of the program include:   

  • Guidance and encouragement to achieve academic and personal goals 
  • Building and sustaining your support network 
  • Having a caring and knowledgeable mentor to support you in your goals
  • A role model to provide immediate feedback 
  • Supportive environment to remain engaged to your campus community

Mentee commitment 

  • One academic year 
  • Attend all meetings 
  • Follow mentor guideline and instruction
  • Complete mentee agreement and orientation

Become a mentee

We are looking for supportive diverse students to serve as mentors for incoming students. Mentors will function as resource and support network for mentees. After their training, mentors will

  • Serve as guides for mentee for a duration of one year
  • Check-in with mentees according to the program specification
  • Connect students to campus resources and personnel
  • Build relationship with mentee
  • Build community of support for mentee

Become a peer mentor

We are looking for diverse BC Faculty and Staff to serve as professional mentors for our students in the MCS Connects Mentoring Program. We recognize the leadership abilities, knowledge and skills of our faculty and staff to engage and provide professional mentoring support to our students.

Become a faculty/staff mentor

For more information please contact:

Julia Munyandamutsa – Program Manager:

Phone: (425) 564.2381 or schedule an online appointment by clicking on the link below.

MCS Online Appointment Scheduler 

Last Updated May 2, 2021