MCS Connects Mentoring Program

One-to-one relationship with a supportive peer or a professional mentor leads to several positive outcomes. 

  • Improved academic achievement, stronger sense of self-worth, improved relationships with peers, teachers and family and a decrease in the use of alcohol and drug.  
  • Mentors promote positive outcomes when they serve as role models, provide technical assistance and positive feedback, are committed to helping the other person, are reliable and consistent and more importantly have specific goals to work with their mentee. 

Join the mentoring program

MCS Connects Mentoring Program fosters professional and supportive mentoring relationships between incoming students and MCS Connects Peer, faculty & staff mentors. Mentors function as guides to  new students working with them on their academic and personal goals. Research shows students with mentors are more likely to succeed academically and have better relationships with teachers, peers, family and friends.

Become a peer mentor

We are looking for supportive diverse students to serve as mentors for incoming students. Mentors will function as resource and support network for mentees. After their training, mentors will

  • Serve as guides for mentee for a duration of one year
  • Check-in with mentees according to the program specification
  • Connect students to campus resources and personnel
  • Build relationship with mentee
  • Build community of support for mentee

Become a faculty/staff mentor

The MCS Mentoring Program is a faculty/staff to student professional mentoring program aimed at increasing Multicultural student success. This program recognizes the leadership abilities, knowledge and skills of our faculty and staff to engage and provide professional mentoring support to BC students participating in the MCS Connects Program.

Last Updated December 18, 2020