MCS Services

MCS has a very friendly staff who can help you answer any questions or provide help with any of the following:

Academic Success Services
  1. MCS Tutoring
  2. MCS Scholars
  3. Comprehensive College Planning
Student Rights Advocacy
  1. Help you understand your rights to be treated with respect on campus
  2. Help you talk to your instructors about your classes and concerns
Student Support Services
  1. Explain how financial aid works and help you with completing the FAFSA
  2. Help you select classes that fit your work and family schedule
  3. Connect you to campus resources that can help you with personal, financial, and school challenges
  4. Support you and guide you to overcome non-academic and academic challenges that may keep you from completing college
  5. Connect you to community resources that can help you with food, transportation, and temporary housing challenges
Leadership and Campus Involvement
  1. Connect you to campus clubs and organizations
  2. Help you attend leadership conferences
  3. Attend inclusive campus community building events
  4. Help you gain internship and community service experience

Last Updated December 1, 2020