You Are Welcome Here

Welcome to Bellevue College. If you are an undocumented/ DREAMer/ DACA student you can access your higher education at Bellevue College and at any other State funded public institution-colleges and universities in the State of Washington. You may also qualify for State funding to support your education.  In order for you to attend college you must meet the primary eligibility criteria:

a)      Have resided in the State of Washington for three years consecutively (36 months)

b)      Have attended a public high school for those three years

c)       Obtained a diploma/GED/ or diploma equivalent from the high school you attended

d)      Provide a copy of your high schools transcripts to the admissions office

e)      Complete the HB1079 affidavit:

Need money to pay for your education? You may qualify for state funding please complete the WAFSA

In addition to completing the WAFSA, you will also need to complete the BC Financial Aid Form

Resources and information to support DREAMer students


Last Updated September 20, 2019