Graduates—where are they now?


Molecular Biosciences graduates have been employed throughout the Puget Sound region, including at organizations such as Blue Heron, University of Washington, Inventprise, Fred Hutch and Seattle Genetics.

Photo of the MBS 2019 students in graduation regalia
Drs. Miller and Drak with the class of 2019 at graduation.

Graduate School

Upon graduating from the Molecular Biosciences BAS program, our students have the opportunity to apply to various programs at graduate schools. We are currently working on additional articulation agreements with other institutions in the state.

photo of clear glass molecules on a black background

Professional School

Post-baccalaureate professional programs include medical school, dental school, pharmacy school and law school. While students may have to complete additional courses to meet the professional schools’ admission requirements, the Molecular Biosciences BAS degree provides an excellent foundation for this path. One of our graduates is currently pursuing studies at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, and other students are planning to attend law school specializing in patent law.

Last Updated December 27, 2023