Advisors can provide information about program requirements, scheduling, additional options, transfer credits, and additional resources available to you. Meeting with an advisor is the best way to plan for a program of study. You are encouraged to schedule an appointment to ensure that you will meet all of the requirements for program completion and/or graduation.

Request an appointment

Appointment Cancellations

We value the time that we spend advising students like you, and we ask that you value our time as well.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please contact our office as soon as possible.

How to prepare for your academic advising appointment:

  • Make the appointment a priority. If you schedule an appointment please do all you can to keep it. If you can’t keep the appointment, we understand, but please do your best to contact us so someone else can have that spot.
  • Come prepared to ask questions and be prepared to answer some questions your advisor may ask. It’s all to get to know you better and more clearly understand your goals, aspirations, and needs.
  • Come prepared to do some work. This is a partnership between you and your advisor. You will both play an active role during the appointment.
  • Come prepared with the necessary materials. If you have transcripts you will be transferring to Bellevue College, please bring unofficial copies with you. If you have a form that needs a signature, please bring it.
  • This time is important for your future. Please limit distractions during the appointment so you can make the most of the time with your advisor.

What to expect during an advising appointment:

Lots of questions! During your appointment you may be asked…

  • Questions regarding your academic goals. Are you…
    • Completing an Associates and/or Bachelor?
    • Do you plan to transfer one of the degrees to another Bachelor or Graduate program? If so, do you have specific programs/schools in mind?
  • Questions regarding your career goals. This will help focus the coursework to best facilitate your chosen path.
  • If you are planning on full-time or part-time enrollment.
  • If you want to take classes over the Summer as well as the standard Fall through Spring quarters.
  • If you have other things going on outside of school that should be considered when planning classes (i.e. work, family, commuting, etc.).
  • If there are additional things we need to be aware of as we create an educational plan (i.e. Running Start student, financial aid recipient, non-WA state resident, international student, Veteran, etc.).
  • How is the quarter going? What’s going well? Are there challenges you are facing?
  • If we notice (or you share) that you’re having a rough time we may ask additional questions about campus resources you’re using, on and off campus support systems you have in place to help you, etc.
  • Our team does more than course planning! We work to support your educational and personal success at BC and beyond!

Beyond the advising appointment:

  • Prior to the start of your appointment and throughout your time at Bellevue College it is helpful to review your progress toward your degree(s). This can be done by using the online Degree Audit.
    • See what is completed and what you have left to complete.
    • Keep in mind that Degree Audit is a simple computer program and can put classes in a different section than planned. Usually this isn’t a problem for your program but if something looks wrong let us know!

Resources online:

Information Sessions

Information sessions are not being held at this time for the Molecular Biosciences programs.

International Students

International students should continue to meet with their Office of International Education (OIEGI) advisor in addition to the Molecular Biosciences advisor. They should also be sure to notify their OIEGI advisor once they have received notification of admissions into the BAS program. Additional information can be found on the OIEGI website.

Transfer Credits to Bellevue College

If you have earned credits at another regionally accredited school prior to attending BC, you may request an official transfer credit evaluation to determine which credits will apply toward the Molecular Sciences Technician AAST and/or Molecular Biosciences BAS. Students are strongly encouraged to request a transfer credit evaluation review once they have their Student Identification Number (before or during their first quarter at BC). The evaluation process can take six to eight weeks to complete (time varies based on request traffic).

Generally, Bellevue College only accepts credits earned at institutions accredited by their regional accredited association provided such credits have been earned through college-level courses that are applicable to the students program at BC. There are six regional accrediting agencies. For more details visit the BC course catalog.

To request the evaluation of your transcript please complete the form for General Transfer.

Non-Traditional Credits

Credits from non-regionally accredited institutions follow the college’s policies and procedures for awarding non-traditional credit. Bellevue College awards non-traditional credit for prior learning. Credit may be awarded for work completed in private study, at non-accredited institutions, or for certificate/training.

Credit is awarded through examination, evaluation of certification/training, or submission of portfolio or other form of assessment. To apply for the credits, students must be registered at the college for the quarter in which non-traditional credits are requested and have completed ten quarter credit hours at the college. See Awarding Non-traditional Credit for more information.

Last Updated April 19, 2019