AAST Molecular Sciences Technician

This two-year AAS-T degree offers a professionally relevant curriculum that helps students build skills for laboratory technician positions in a variety of environments, including bioscience research labs and chemical research labs. Typical job titles include biological technician, chemical technician, and laboratory technician.

The Molecular Science Technician is an entry-level position that conducts routine laboratory work, assists staff and supports the overall function of a laboratory. Their duties might include, planning, setting up and undertaking controlled experiments and trials, recording and analyzing data, demonstrating procedures, collecting, preparing and/or testing samples, maintaining equipment, writing reports, reviews and summaries, presenting results to senior staff, supervising staff and keeping up-to-date with relevant scientific and technical developments.

Individuals who complete the program, wishing to continue to a baccalaureate degree, should be well prepared for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Molecular Biosciences at Bellevue College.

Students will need to apply for admission to Bellevue College, then register and enroll in classes to begin their studies. Please review the eligibility requirements. There are no formal requirements to enter the Molecular Sciences Technician degree, the program has an “open door” non-competitive policy. This means that there are no special requirements to enroll however there may be special requirements to graduate. Many classes will require prerequisites and students must meet these requirements in order to register. Review the class schedules to identify any special requirements for specific class enrollments.

Declare your major now

If you have any questions or would like to build an educational plan recommended for the degree, email the Molecular Biosciences program at molbio@bellevuecollege.edu.
This last step in your academic journey officially places your degree or certificate on your transcript. Don’t miss out on receiving the diploma you worked hard to earn. If you are ready to apply for graduation please complete the steps listed and notify the program that your application has been submitted.

Course Flowchart

This flowchart shows the basic layout of the MST core courses and electives. To find the best route through the program be sure to meet with an advisor.

Sample Schedule

This sample schedule shows a recommended layout of the curriculum. To find the best route through the program be sure to meet with an advisor.

Register for classes

Once you have declared your major, completed Financial Aid, and determined your best course of study with an advisor; it is time to register for classes.


Last Updated April 19, 2019