Long Distance

The collection of music in this album was put together through long distance recording, (i.e. iPhones and a laptop.) Joe La Creta (guitar) in Western Massachusetts and Brian Cobb (bass) in Seattle, WA. In a world of isolation, one needs to transcend the walls that surround.

Oslo Rite creates music inspired by the atmospheric music produced through the European-based record company, ECM Records. Founded by (composer/guitarist) Joe La Creta & (composer/bassist) Brian Cobb, Oslo Rite provides an engaging listening experience that is influenced by European & American jazz, stylistically open improvisation, and shaded with the sounds of Americana. Oslo Rite is, at its center, a guitar bass duo that expands or contracts depending on the parameters set forth in the music. Like the earth, we embrace the evolving nature of all that surrounds us, especially musical expression.


Last Updated February 3, 2021