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Take private instrumental or vocal lessons for college credit! Private instrumental or vocal lessons at Bellevue College is open at all students regardless of level – beginners to advanced students are welcome. If you’re a music concentration student, a future transfer student, or a Running Start student moving onto a four-year music program, do not wait to document your private instruction experience – get college credit by enrolling into MUSC 140 or 240.

Note: Students pay the cost of lessons arranged with individual instructors.Tuition cost DOES NOT cover the cost of lessons.

Bellevue College Private Lessons are taught by an acclaimed, all-star faculty in the following areas:


Private Instruction Course Descriptions

For Permission and Registration please contact Dr. Brian Cobb at

Please Note: An additional private instruction fee will be due to the assigned instruction at the beginning of private lessons.

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Dr. Brian Cobb

Private Instruction Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about private lessons. If, after reading, you still have questions, please contact Dr. Brian Cobb, Private Instruction Coordinator at

1) Why should I study with a private instructor?

Musical one-on-one apprenticeship has existed for centuries, in the current age private instruction is the equivalent. For the majority, private instruction is the best and most focused way for a serious student to learn the technique of vocal or instrumental mechanics, performance, and musical styles. Every private instructor is different and brings a unique array of expertise and experience to the learning environment, so finding the right one is essential for the student’s sustained musical growth.

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2) How do I find a private instructor?

The Bellevue College Music Department keeps an active list of instructors that can provide Bellevue College students with private vocal or instrumental lessons on campus. See Top Menu for instructors.

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3) What is the process for signing up for MUSC 140 or 240?

  • Complete the on-line “Private Lessons Sign-Up Form” provided by the Private Instruction Coordinator, Dr. Brian Cobb.
  • Once receiving the “Private Lessons Sign-Up Form” the Private Instruction Coordinator will provide the student with an entry code.
  • Complete enrollment online or in-person at the Registration Office.

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4) Besides taking the private lessons, what else is required of the student?

Aside from attending private lessons consistently, the student is required to perform at a jury at end of the academic quarter. The jury is administered by Bellevue College music faculty and confirms the student’s progress in vocal or instrumental performance.

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Note: Students pay the cost of lessons arranged with individual instructors. Tuition cost DOES NOT cover the cost of lessons.

Last Updated November 15, 2021