Bellevue College honors four employees with Margin of Excellence Awards

MOE recipients 2014

The Bellevue College Foundation honored four employees during a campus ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 5, with Margin of Excellence Awards for their outstanding work in support of students and colleagues at the college.

Bill Hughes – Lab Manager, Science Division: Hughes, who has been with the college since 2006, manages and supervises campus science labs and their staff, ensuring all supplies and equipment are ready and available for lab classes.  Hughes’ nominators count his ability to take on additional duties as well as his active support of community outreach initiatives like Summer Science Camp and Seattle Science Day Expo among the reasons for his recognition.

Jennie Mayer – Faculty, Science Division: Mayer joined the Bellevue College Chemistry Department nine years ago, quickly establishing herself as an innovative and energetic instructor.  Using a mix of humor, technology and scientific know-how, she engages students to go beyond rote memorization to truly understand the topics at hand. In addition to her duties as a faculty member, Mayer is Chair of the Physical Sciences and Chair of the Faculty Assessment Coordinating Team.  

Katharine Hunt – Part-Time Faculty, Social Science Division: Hunt, a 20-year Bellevue College veteran, is recognized for her ability to enhance her coursework with hands-on, real-world learning experiences.  Outside the classroom, she is active in national conferences, where she presents on the pedagogy of linguistics.  Hunt has been a board member and conference co-chair for the Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages and is the incoming chair of the Social Science Learning Online Group.  

Vanessa Von Papp – Teacher, Early Learning Center: In her 12 years at the ELC, Von Papp has become essential to its success.  Her colleagues say that whether she’s leading the summer school-age program, spearheading the organization of the center’s manipulative storage room, supervising student employees, or helping out in the classroom Von Papp demonstrates tremendous flexibility, knowledge and compassion and truly embodies the spirit of the Bellevue College ELC. 

Created in 1984 by the BC Foundation, the Margin of Excellence Awards honor outstanding employees who embody excellence and selflessness in helping their students and colleagues achieve success. Nominations come from students, faculty and staff, and each winner receives a $1,000 prize. In all, 139 employees have received the award since its inception 30 years ago.

Directed by a board of 20 community volunteers, the Foundation, established in 1978, is a non-profit organization that receives and manages individual, foundation and corporate gifts on behalf of Bellevue College. Last year, the Foundation raised more than $1.8 million to support quality educational opportunities for the college’s students, including scholarships, program enhancements and equipment purchases.

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Last Updated February 14, 2014